"Orchid Planet" - the only Russian magazine on orchids and exotic plants.

Orchids amazing flowers, the symbol of romantic and special joy of life. The orchid flower keeps the mysterious charm! Look at it - it seems that it came to us from a fairy tale. At all the times growing and selling of orchids considered beneficial - the orchids were presented to empress and to noblemen, businessmen and to people of art. Sometimes it is not a very cheap present, though it is quite feasible to buy an orchid nowadays. Although the one shall remember that some of them require special care.

For Russia orchid flowers are not new, but still not so many people cultivate and grow them in Russia. However, it was noted that number of people willing to get orchids in their collection of houseplants or in their small gardens is rapidly increasing. Export of orchids in our country for the last three years increased by 14 times!

The main topics of the magazine are the botany history and discovery of plants; description of orchids and their habitats (the difference between natural orchids species and hybrids), travels and trips; ecotourism (orchids photo-excursions), means and methods of growing the plants in house (where to buy orchids and how to care, as sometimes the plants require special care).

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