Magazine "Orchid Planet" -

is an important source of information as for the experienced, advanced orchid lovers so as for the beginners; it is the original, well illustrated manual.

The main topics of the magazine are:

botany history and discovery of plants; description of orchids and their habitats (the difference between natural orchids species and hybrids), travels and trips; ecotourism (orchids photo-excursions), means and methods of growing the plants in house (where to buy orchids and how to care, as sometimes the plants require special care).

The magazine sets the purposes:

to show the unique beauty of orchids, to bring the ability for orchid lovers to grow the plants at home; to unify the orchid societies and to maintain the collaboration between the orchid lovers and growers from different countries; to objectively provide the information on companies, specialize on export and growing of orchids and exotic plants, and to provide the details on necessary botanical equipment.
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