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Orchids amazing flowers, the symbol of romantic and special joy of life. The orchid flower keeps the mysterious charm! Look at it - it seems that it came to us from a fairy tale. At all the times growing and selling of orchids considered beneficial - the orchids were presented to empress and to noblemen, businessmen and to people of art. Sometimes it is not a very cheap present, though it is quite feasible to buy an orchid nowadays. Although the one shall remember that some of them require special care.

For Russia orchid flowers are not new, but still not so many people cultivate and grow them in Russia. However, it was noted that number of people willing to get orchids in their collection of houseplants or in their small gardens is rapidly increasing. Export of orchids in our country for the last three years increased by 14 times!

The main topics of the magazine are the botany history and discovery of plants; description of orchids and their habitats (the difference between natural orchids species and hybrids), travels and trips; ecotourism (orchids photo-excursions), means and methods of growing the plants in house (where to buy orchids and how to care, as sometimes the plants require special care).

The reader will find the useful and interesting information in the magazine "Orchid Planet": for naturalists we will show the beauty of orchid flower,discover the significant orchid world, will teach how to grow these amazing orchids in house; for botanists we tell in details about the events and news in orchid research and study, about orchids in Russia and preservation of natural orchids species. The each, who simply likes and loves orchids, will find the useful and interesting information in our magazine.

In addition, our magazine publishes the new orchid photos, made as by professionals so by our readers. The magazine sets the purpose to unify the orchid societies and to maintain the collaboration between the orchid lovers and growers from different countries. Our purpose is as well to objectively provide the information on companies, specialize on export and growing of orchids and exotic plants, and to provide the details on necessary botanical equipment.

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Stepanov Nikolay Vitalievich, PhD in biology. His business sphere is systematization and geography of plants. He dreamt to be biologist since the early school times and was growing and cultivating almost everything, but as it is known it is impossible to "bind something unbounded". Mr. Stepanov travels a lot and sees in plants the live creatures, which are able to feel and sense the feelings. He is most interested in finding the common language with plants, and in learning to understand them. In that sense orchids are the most mysterious creatures. Sometimes it is too complicated to speak with them. But once the one can understand these plants, they will surprise with significant flowers, original view, non-typical behavior. Our consultant mostly likes the Paphiopedilum and Cattleya species. As the follower of systematization of plants, Mr. Stepanov tends to have in his collection almost everything which is possible. At present his collection accounts to 250 species and sorts of orchids.

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"THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MEXICAN ORCHIDS AND PEOPLE." Miguel Ángel Lozano and Rebeca Menchaca. (magazin "OrchidPlanet" #27)
Orchids National parks of Thailand Ob Khan.
Orchids National parks of Thailand Ob Luang.
Orchids National parks of Thailand Doi Inthanon.
Orchids National parks of Thailand Ko Chang.
Orchids National parks of Thailand Kaeng Krachan.
Orchids in nature National parks of Costa Rica.
Orchids The second Winter Orchid Show in Mocsow
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"Orchid Planet" #37 ( winter 2015 )

Galina Gruzinova
Winter Tropical Festival in the "Aptekarskiy Ogorod" Lomonosovskiy MSU Botanical Garden
Species description
Olaf Gruss
Attractive small-flowered species in the subgenus Parishianae of the genus Phalaenopsis. Part II.
Species description

The culture of Subtribe Pleurothallidinae. Part VII. The Genus Masdevallia Ruiz & Pav. 1794. Part II.
Species description
Andrey Romanko
Hybrid Miltoniopsis.
Species description
Nadezhda Slobodskaya
Aerangis ariculata - the Orchid for Beginners?
Species description
Yu Zhang and Olaf Gruss
A vary variable natural hybrid: Cypripedium x ventricosum and Some Interesting Synonyms.
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