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Editor in Chief – Igor Belitsky
Editorial Desk
Galina Gruzinova
Igor Komarov
Varavara Maksimova
Igor Komarov
Igor Komarov is involved into orchids growing and cultivation for more than 10 years. His first orchids were flowering in inclement climate on the window-sills in the native St. Petersburg city. The authors of many articles on orchids of South Africa. Currently lives in USA.

Igor Belitsky
was born in 1953 in Moscow. He graduated from biological faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (MGU) in 1975. The first interest in orchids Mr. Belicky discovered in 1972 during his practice in Chashnikovo. And in 1979 he closely started studying tropical orchids and in the same year became a participant of Moscow group of orchid lovers, which was headed by E.G.Hazarov. This group was organized under the Moscow society of nature investigators. After several years Mr. Belicky became the scientific associate of the aforementioned group. From 1984 until 1997, he was presenting, first Soviet Union (USSR), and then Russia in European Committee on orchids with headquarters located in Geneva. In 1986 he was one of the organizers of Moscow section on orchids under the State Biological museum named after K.A. Timiryazev, where lections and expo-s were undertaken. In 1993, thanks to the initiative of Mr. Belicky, the Moscow Society of Orchid Lovers (MOLO) was recreated and he became his second (after I.I. Troyanovskiy) president. Mr. Belicky created the first amateur orchid hybrids, spoke with lectures in Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, took part in the 9th and 10th European congresses on orchids in 1991 (Rome) and 1994 (Ganover), in 14th and 15th World orchid Conferences in 1992 (Glasgow) and in 1996 (Rio-de-Janeiro), in 5 Asian-Pacific conferences and show in Phu Quoc (1995), and also in exhibitions Grand-Prix on orchids in Japan in 1992 and 1997. He is rewarded with the first degree diplomas and medals of World and European congresses, and other related expo-s. Mr. Belicky publishes in specialized magazines of USSR, Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Papua New Guinea. During 1989-1990 he practiced the industrial reproduction and cultivation of orchids in state farm "Oranzhereiniy kompleks" in village Gorki-10 in the suburbs of Moscow, and afterwards in cooperative "Surprise" in Moscow. Mr. Belicky is the only expert in Russia with the experience in international judging at the high level.


"Orchid Planet"
- is the only Russian language magazine on orchids and exotic plants. This topic is always of interest for gardeners and fancies of house plants, florists and designers, artists and decorators. Orchids are also something exciting for lovers of exotic travelling. Indeed, these amazing and various flowers, again, as in the 19th century, are becoming modern and fashionable.

"Orchid Planet" Magazine
- is an important source of information as for the experienced, advanced orchid lovers so as for the beginners; it is the original, well illustrated manual.
The main topics are:
the botany history and plants discovery,
description of orchids and their habitats,
travelling, eco-tourism,
means and methods of growing and cultivation orchids in house.
The magazine sets the purposes:
to show the beauty and variety of these plants, opportunity to grow almost every specie of orchid in house; to tell about the events and news in orchid study world, about orchid of Russia and preservation of natural species; to unify the orchid lover societies and to maintain the collaboration between the gardeners and orchid lovers in different countries; to provide the detailed information on the companies, specialize in orchid and exotic plants growing and export; and also to perform the information on necessary equipment, including lighters, ventilators, moisturizers, climate control equipment.

Modest, but relevant edition reaches its target audience, potential customers of goods & services for gardeners, flower-growers, florists, designers, decorators. Our readers live fast and travel a lot.

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